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The current mtDNAmanager¡¯s open database contains 9294 mtDNA control region sequences and they are grouped in the following five subsets: African (1496), West Eurasian (3673), East Asian (2326), Oceanian (114), and Admixed (1685). All these mtDNA control region sequences are shown with the estimated haplogroup-affiliations (both expected and estimated haplogroups) using the bioinformatics resources of the mtDNAmanager. In case of data which has been assigned to a certain haplogroup in the previous publications, the haplogroup information is provided in "description" of the data.

By default but with an exchangeable setting, a query system of the mtDNAmanager retrieves sequences which include the queried nucleotide polymorphisms therein from a user-selected database. The resulting data with the estimated haplogroup-affiliation can highlight nucleotide polymorphisms which are specific for a certain group of mtDNA haplotypes, thus, distinguish haplogroup-specific mutation sites from retrieved sequence data. This allows refined mtDNA haplogroup classification, providing a more precise interpretation of sequence data and a refinement of phylogeny.
With an alternative setting, a query system of the mtDNAmanager also searches sequences which show a match with the queried sequence data from the database. To overcome the data reporting difference among different laboratories due to variability in analysis region, ambiguities with respect to mtDNA nomenclature and different treatment of length variants (insertion/deletion), the mtDNAmanager also provides options available such as analysis regions (HV1: np 16024-16365; HV2: np 73-340; HV3: np 438-576; and control region: np 16024-16569, np 1-576), heteroplasmic insertions in the poly C-stretches and a mismatch.


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